Time has gone by, and we’re working on making 2016 the BEST YEAR that Mulholland’s has ever seen, and after WELL OVER a century, that means a lot! Special events that are coming to Malvern will be bringing THOUSANDS of new people to our community and store, and we’re planning to make the most of our opportunities. Another year of the fantastic Mills County Fair right here on the edge of Malvern, The Peddler’s Jamboree rolling though town in August, the Malvern Market, and all that that brings, and the biggie for this year, RAGBRAI will be coming to Malvern this July. With so many specialty items that we make, we’ll be setting up shop with a plethora of choices for all of these potential customers, and be doing all that we can to entice and enthrall them with our delectable fare that can’t be found anywhere else in the region. Our smoked sausages are selling well after our downtime last year, and now that we’re back in business with our bacon, we’re having a hard time keeping up with the sales, with people coming from well over 100 miles away to pickĀ it up. Stop in and check out the selection of all of our Signature Homemade items, that draw our clientele from so far, and you’ll see why they take the time to make the trip to Malvern, and Mulholland Grocery!


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