Fresh Sausages

fresh sausageMulholland’s most popular Fresh Sausages would be our German Style Brats. Many places make Brats, but we’ve often been told that ours are the best that our customers have EVER had, from anywhere around the country. Year round, we sell huge quantities of our Swedish Potato Sausage, or Potatis Courve. People drive from well over 100 miles away to buy this, with customers coming regularly from 4 states.Also very popular would be the Pineapple Brats; very sweet and tasty. Our Fresh Italian Sausage links are lean and delicious. We make a Chicken Sausage with Spinach and Feta Cheese, a Mexican Style Chorizo, and a Cajun Andoullie Sausage as well. We sell MANY pounds of our Fresh, Lean Breakfast Sausage every weekend in bulk form, but also prepare Link Breakfast Sausages that we very popular, and a staple for some annual church fund-raisers. People love the flavor, and the fact that its so much leaner than most sausage you can find. We have a new sausage, also, that we’ve been making for a short time, that has just exploded in popularity for us. Our Fully Loaded Breakfast Brats have everything that you want for a quick and easy breakfast. Scrambled Eggs, Browned Hash Browns, a perfect blend of spices, along with Sharp Cheddar and Smoked Gouda Cheeses, all inside the sausage! Mmmm!