Holiday Specialties

Mulholland Grocery has many Holiday Specialties which are extremely popular, and many of these are great for gift giving!  Our Gourmet Quality Smoked Salmon Filets are great any time of year, and extremely popular, but during the holidays are when some people think of them for the first time. No holiday party is complete without a smoked salmon platter? We also do meat and cheese trays, vegetable trays, fruit platters, cheese snack trays, and a popular snack tray featuring our homemade sausages with cheese cut for snacks.

We ship gift boxes of steaks and sausages across the country, and build each one individually. You aren’t forced to buy a package that has other things in it because that’s the way other places  make it; we make it with exactly what you want, specifically for you or your recipient.

We also prepare a lot of fully cooked, smoked turkeys, smoked turkey breasts, and cooked prime rib for people over the holidays. Every single person who has EVER ordered a smoked turkey from us has re-ordered due to the fantastic flavor and value. More and more people are asking us to prepare side dishes for them, just to take a bit of the load off of them for the holiday meal. We’ll have whatever you desire prepared and ready for you to cook or simply heat if necessary.

We also prepare many gift boxes or baskets with fruit, candies, perhaps a bottle of wine, or whatever you desire for your recipient. We can do a single order, or do dozens for corporate gifts; talk to us for special pricing. Our gift cards are popular year round, and you can allow your friend or loved one to choose the things that they desire, yet still know that they’re getting something made with quality and love, from Mulholland Grocery!

Of course, there are many items which are holiday traditions in many households, and Mulholland’s has a great selection on those things to make your family happy. Things like Swedish Bondost Cheese, Fresh Oysters, or Pickled Herring, along with many other great snack items. Stop in and see all the delicious things available for you this time of year.

One more of our most popular items this time of year would be our Swedish Potato Sausage. We seriously have people come from 4 or more states to get this every year. For a store this size, we will bring more than 100 out of town shoppers per month to Malvern during the winter months just for this one item. We will produce at least 500 lbs. over the next few weeks, and have a hard time keeping up; it gets more popular for us every season as more and more people hear about us.