Homemade Salads

We have many types of homemade salads which are EXTREMELY popular. Our Smoked Turkey Salad is always in demand. We start with whole turkeys, cure and smoke them, bone and dice them, and then add all our special ingredients to make a delightfully creamy concoction that drives people wild. We also make a wonderful Chicken Salad, using all white meat chicken breasts, fresh celery, onions, apples, and other secret ingredients which is very popular. Our Smoked Ham Salad is made with Real Old-Fashioned Bone-in Ham, and sells so fast that we have to make 50 or 60 lb. batches to keep up. Most stores are forced to call their version “Sandwich Spread” because of the cheaper ingredients they use, but we’re proud to call ours Ham Salad. Our multi-colored Tortellini Salad is another creamy delight, which really hits the spot with a Hot Sandwich, or as something cool and refreshing on a Hot Day!