Meat Shipping!!!

shippersMulholland’s name and reputation is known around the country due to their meat shipping. We ship meat nationwide! I have sent our homemade products and quality meats to every state in the country, with orders from a few steaks, to more than 400 packages for a single customer.  Each and every order is prepared specifically for the customer, so we aren’t trying to sell you “Package A, or Package B” like the big name that we can all think of. Our Beef is Certified Angus, USDA Choice, and is all cut right here on premises. Our  pork is the Midwest’s finest, and trimmed perfectly. Our prices are the same as they would be from our counter, plus the shipping charges. The “other” name company charges 2-3 times what we do for their steaks, and don’t use Choice quality They also do not customize individual orders like we do, and certainly do not carry the full line of sausages that we prepare.  One taste will be enough to know the difference. Call us, and we’ll work up a price quote for what you’re looking for, and ship out that perfect Christmas or Birthday Gift, a “Thank You” to a great customer, or just some of the Midwest’s finest meats for you and your family to personally enjoy!