Smoked Meats

IMG00088Mulholland Grocery is widely known for their quality smoked meats. One of our most popular items by far would be our Gourmet Quality, Smoked Salmon Filets. MANY people over the years have told me that this is the finest that they’ve ever had, including people from the Washington and Oregon coasts, where they do this for a living. We also need to mention our Slab Bacon, available in Hickory Smoked, or Pepper Styles. Our Canadian Style Bacon is lean, tender, and smoked perfectly. We smoke Beef Briskets for 14 hours so they come out tender and with a flavor you’ll come back for again and again. Smoked Turkeys or Turkey Breast or Bone-In Hams are available for holiday meals with notice. We prepare 2 deliciously popular types of Beef Jerky, Smoked, Seasoned Chicken Wings, Baby Backribs, Boneless or Bone-In Chicken Pieces. Smoked Pork Chops; we make them. The Roast Beef that we use in our deli is made right here, slow smoked and perfectly seasoned. Have we forgotten anything, or anyone. Oh Yeah! How about some smoked bones for your dog to enjoy; they’re available right here, also.