Street Scene in Malvern, IowaMulholland’s has a long and strong history, opening in the 1870’s. That’s right, more than 140 years ago, as a dry goods store. The store was owned by my great grandfather and a partner. They dissolved the partnership in 1903. In the late teens, my grandfather added a small, cash-and-carry grocery business in one corner of the store, and this eventually took over the business. When my grand-father, Fred, retired, he sold the store to my father, Gordon, and Leland, (Corky) Hansen. Cork had been working here since the Korean War as the meat-cutter. At that time, Malvern had 4 grocery stores, but by the 80’s, Mulholland’s was the only one left. Cork and Gordon split their partnership, with Cork continuing with the store for a few more years, before it sold again, and then again, to Brad and Marsha Williams. In 2008, after the store being out of the Mulholland family for about 17 years, I purchased it, and put the Mulholland name back on the business.